FiveThirtyEight recently published an excellent analysis illustrating how the GOP Establishment machinery has set the rules of the GOP presidential primary process such that more conservative candidates are put at a distinct disadvantage from day one.

The RNC-dictated primary scheme uses dilutive proportionality versus winner-takes-all rules, and lopsided delegate allocation in moderate versus conservative states to in effect give disproportionate sway to more moderate candidates and/or delegates.

I write about this scheme in a new piece over at Newsmax.

Here is a taste:

[T]he RNC seeks to win the war before a shot is even fired — Republicans can be very shrewd political operators at least when it comes to sinking their more conservative foes and preserving their power.

More broadly, conservatives frequently fail to realize that as with for example the Iran deal, many of the battles they perceive to be most critical are already fait accomplis, all too frequently due to collusion between the GOP Establishment and the Democrats.

In the case of presidential elections, the GOP establishment is more than well equipped to thwart the conservative base of the Republican Party all by itself, as has been going on since time immemorial (or at least since before Reagan came on the scene).

How the sausage is made in politics is critical and critically overlooked by those of us who are passionate about political ideology and philosophy.

Read the whole thing here.

Featured Image Source: YouTube Screengrab/PBS.