On March 30 I had the privilege of guest-hosting “Hold the Line with Buck Sexton,” with guests Ned Ryun, Kyle Shideler, and Julie Kelly.

The running theme of the program—which you can watch in full below—and my opening monologue in particular honed in on one of the great challenges of our time: A Ruling Class that seeks to monopolize the narrative to cement a monopoly on power.

The monologue was in part based on my latest today in Newsweek, “Why Big Tech Censored Our Podcast Touching on 2020 Election Irregularities.”

As I write in part:

Amid congressional Democrats‘ push—via the dishonestly named “For the People Act”—to make universal and permanent the extraordinary election integrity-threatening measures of the 2020 election, while hypocritically unseating Republican Rep. Mariannette Miller-Meeks (IA-2) after her duly certified November victory, their Big Tech adjuncts continue censoring speech that runs afoul of that election’s Official Narrative.

My colleagues at the Claremont Institute’s The American Mind publication found this out when they tried to publish a podcast on YouTube that my company helped script and produce—only for the Google-owned video platform to remove it outright.

Ironically, or perhaps not, the mini-audio documentary, titled “The Ruling Class Strikes Back,” chronicled the myriad ways in which our political establishment—and its sundry allies in Big Tech, woke capital, the corporate media and across the other commanding heights of society—worked relentlessly during the 2020 election to marginalize, silence and rout dissenters from their progressive orthodoxy.

…What was so wrong about the American Mind podcast?

One portion of it scrutinized the dubious aspects of the 2020 election—that is, the podcast touched on what is now a quintessential third rail.

We violated a sacrosanct, Official Narrative, engaging in the very political speech regarding elections that is at the core of the First Amendment. Therefore, we had to be punished.

As I conclude the piece by noting:

The Ruling Class seeks to set the terms of the increasingly limited debates we are allowed to have; it controls the platforms through which the narrow array of its approved arguments are promulgated; it determines who gets canceled and who is spared.

Our Ruling Class cannot tolerate dissent because it cannot tolerate challenges to its power and privilege.

That is why it hated President Donald Trump, and that is why it must relentlessly target the tens of millions of Americans who symbolically rejected the Ruling Class’s reign by supporting him.

Ironically, the Ruling Class’s claim to power would be stronger if it ceased its hostility toward the roughly half of the country it deems Deplorable and at least gave the appearance of caring about and responding to its concerns.

That it does not, and instead lashes out in angst, indicates its inherent weakness and short-sightedness.

Why would our Ruling Class want to raise its own children in the kind of joyless, volatile, sclerotic country it now seems intent on crafting?

Read the whole thing here.