Plus: The Biden admin’s recasting of Wrongthink as terror

With America’s Eyes on Ukraine, Biden Made Biggest Concession to China Yet

With America’s eyes fixed on Ukraine, the Biden administration just gave Communist China its greatest gift yet.

In so doing, it caved—by its own admission—to the demands of American progressives, who serve as the Chinese Communist Party’s most useful of idiots.

In a little-noticed February 23 university speech, Assistant Attorney General Matthew Olsen of the Justice Department’s National Security Division announced the department would be terminating its preeminent counter-espionage program, the China Initiative.

The impact of killing this program, and almost definitional de-prioritizing of the effort to deter and disrupt China’s malign activities against America—as I argue will occur, in a new piece at Newsweek—cannot be understated.

Perhaps even worse again is the DOJ’s politically correct rationale for killing it: That because progressive groups cried racism over the targeting of our most formidable adversary and its Western accomplices, the DOJ cowered and disbanded it. Still worse, China itself had naturally been calling for the U.S. to drop the effort.

I’ve got the whole sordid story here.

Is Joe Rogan headed for a terror watch list?

For Straight Arrow News, I delivered a monologue on the Biden regime’s effort to recast criticism of its agenda as a terror threat: