As furor builds over the EPA disaster in Durango, Colorado, I would like to propose a just solution.

Given that the EPA is an unaccountable, job-killing, river-polluting behemoth, Congress ought to pass a ban on its onshore operations.

Joking aside, while political figures try to brush this fiasco under the table without heads actually rolling or the EPA compensating taxpayers for the environmental damage it caused, the point should be made that the federal government should be held not just to an equal standard as private enterprise, but a higher one.

After all, public servants are accountable to all of us. Private individuals are not.

Yet Democratic Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper argues the exact opposite:

Is this really an issue of whether an organization is (gasp!) profit-seeking or not?

And should not there be a special burden placed on an agency whose job is explicitly based on restricting profit-seeking enterprises?

Hickenlooper’s double standard reveals a shamefully statist view.


Featured Image Source: Jerry McBride/Durango Herald.