An In-Depth Interview with Ginni Thomas for The Daily Caller

Video Part I:

Video Part II:

Interview with Keith Hanson on WNTK Radio’s “Keith Hanson Show” Discussing Democracy “Dying in Darkness” in Turkey, Venezuela, Hong Kong (5/2/17)

Interview with Dan Rea on WBZ Newsradio 1030’s “NightSide with Dan Rea” Discussing the book “Communism for Kids” (4/17/17)

Interview with Frank Gaffney for Secure Freedom Radio on America’s National Interest, Syria and the Muslim Brotherhood (4/14/17)

Interview with Gayle Trotter on Right In DC Discussing Obama’s Apparent Islamic Religious Test in Federal Hiring, The Prudence and Reason Behind Trump’s Immigration/Terror Entry Executive Order and the Promise of the Trump Administration in the War Against the Global Jihad (2/16/17)

Interview on Secure Freedom Radio (8/30/16)

Interview on The Buck Sexton Show (8/26/16)

Guest Appearance on Newsmax TV’s The Hard Line (8/16/16)

Guest Appearance on Newsmax TV’s The Steve Malzberg Show (11/24/15)

Guest Appearance on Sirius XM’s Steele and Ungar (11/21/15)

Talking the Carry Trade on the Glenn Beck Radio Program (Starts at 31:22)

Talking Elizabeth Warren’s Home-Flipping on Pure Opelka

Talking the Clinton Foundation and Jeb Bush on Freedom 560 With Ken Clark (Starts at 23:17)

Talking Economics and Iran on Freedom 560 With Ken Clark (Starts at 23:09)

Talking Obama’s Osama-Like Rhetoric on Islamic Supremacism on Pure Opelka (Starts at 23:55)

Talking Federal Budget and How to Dramatically Shrink it on Pat & Stu

Talking the New York Times’ Blacklisting of Conservative Books on Pure Opelka (Starts at 12:03)

Talking Dollar Collapse on Pure Opelka (Starts at 21:43)

Talking Russian Strategic Subversion and Anatoliy Golitsyn on Pure Opelka (Starts at 13:55)