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The Racialist Obama DOJ Uses Taxpayer Dollars to Fund Democratic Dominance

Behold the latest handiwork of J. Christian Adams and Hans von Spakovsky on the DOJ’s voting rights crusade charade, over at National Review.

Amazingly, therein we find the below nugget on the Justice Department’s subsidizing of Catalist in connection with its failed litigation efforts over North Carolina’s election rules:

The Justice Department also pumped untold thousands of dollars into a database run by a company called Catalist. This database has been populated with data provided by the Democratic National Committee, unions, and other liberal organizations and is used to help them win elections. Catalist’s infrastructure and database are expensive to maintain, but fear not, the Justice Department, in the North Carolina trial and elsewhere, has provided federal tax dollars to its expert witnesses so that they could purchase Catalist’s proprietary data. Yes, federal dollars were used to fund a database that will be used next year to try to win the 2016 election for Democratic candidates.

What’s more:

For all the resources expended, the Justice Department’s entire case was built on speculative claims. Not able to produce a single eligible voter who was or would be unable to vote, the plaintiffs relied on hypothetical statistical arguments to claim that the turnout of black voters would be “suppressed” because they might use early voting and same-day registration slightly more than white voters, and because black voters are “less sophisticated voters.” DOJ experts actually made the borderline-racist argument that “it’s less likely to imagine” that black voters could “figure out or would avail themselves of other forms of registering and voting.” That’s a shameful way to enforce a law that was used to protect real victims of real discrimination in the Deep South.

Luckily, reality trumped racialism:

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Hillary’s Hypocritical Fear Mongering on Voting Rights Ignores Her Party’s Past

“Republicans are systematically and deliberately trying to stop millions of American citizens from voting,” said email destroyer Hillary Clinton during a speech at the historically black Texas Southern University in which she played the race card expressed her deep concern about the state of voting rights.

Let’s leave aside Hillary’s fear mongering about a concern the numbers show has proven unwarranted, and neglect of legitimate concerns over voter fraud.

There are two points that ought to be made about Democratic opposition to Republican policies geared towards rooting out such fraud, and the broad-based argument that Republicans seek to suppress minority voters.

First, those Democrats who oppose anti-fraud measures are in effect supporting the suppression of legal voters of all races, whose votes are diluted by fraudulent ones. Stated differently, legal voters are actually the ones being disenfranchised in a system rife with voter integrity issues, not those required to display easily obtainable IDs used for all manner of everyday tasks.

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