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Guest-Hosting Newsmax TV’s ‘DML Unfiltered:’ Willful Blindness Towards Jihadism in American National Security, Benghazi, Turkey, War on Cops and More

Last night I had the great opportunity to guest host Newsmax TV‘s “DML Unfiltered.”

Check out the five segments below:

Senator Ted Cruz-Led Willful Blindness Hearing Panelist Chris Allen Gaubatz on Hamas-Linked CAIR’s Damage to National Security, Federal Government’s See-No-Jihad Policy

House Benghazi Committee Findings, Gunrunning to Jihadists, and the Disaster of Hillary Clinton’s Libyan Intervention with Former CIA Agent Clare Lopez

Manhattan Institute’s Heather Mac Donald on The War on Cops, “Ferguson Effect” and More

Ex-CIA Agent Mike Baker and Green Beret Jason Beardsley on the Istanbul Airport Attack, Our Strategic Interest in Turkey, Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) vs. Counterjihadism

The State of the Presidential Election: Analyzing Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton’s Unpopularity, Strengths and Weaknesses

Featured Image Source: Newsmax TV.

My Conversation with Frank Gaffney on the Purged NYPD Radicalization Report and Jail Jihadization

Check out my latest appearance on Center for Security Policy President Frank Gaffney’s radio program, in which we discuss the purging of the critical counterjihadist NYPD radicalization report, as well as criminal justice reform and jail jihadization.

Featured Image Source: NYPD.

My Appearance on Newsmax TV’s ‘The Daily Wrap’: Trump and ‘El Chapo,’ Hillary Emailgate, Obama’s Convict Release and More

On Wednesday 10/7 I again sat in as a guest on Newsmax TV’s “The Daily Wrap.” During the episode I had the chance to discuss Trump’s “counter-punches” and the rumored bounty placed on his head by “El Chapo,” the rolling Hillary email scandal, President Obama’s decision to release 6,000 convicts and much more.

You can watch the show in full, along with some particularly pertinent clips below.

Full Episode

Trump and “El Chapo”

Hillary’s Rolling Email Scandal

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