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Corporate Media is No Adversary of the Powerful, It’s an Accomplice. That’s a Dangerous Thing.

My speech on the jihad against Joe Rogan as a microcosm for the War on Wrongthink corporate media’s executing in cahoots with our Ruling Class

Last month I had the privilege of speaking before the Leadership Program of the Rockies’ annual retreat during a heterodox panel on media hypocrisy moderated by Kennedy, and featuring Mary Katharine Ham and Hannah Cox.

My speech highlighted not just the corporate media’s rampant hypocrisy, but the fact that that hypocrisy poses a danger: That the greatest beneficiaries of the First Amendment and our free speech tradition are its most zealous proponents, and that the purported adversaries of the powerful have become the powerful’s greatest accomplice as they seek to monopolize Narrative to monopolize power.

Check out the speech at Rumble or YouTube.

Here was my list of the four greatest hypocrisies of our corporate media betters, as prepared:

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End of Discussion: Mary Katharine Ham and Guy Benson on Totalitarian Speech Enforcers in America

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